ASIAN REGIONAL CONFERENCE AMRO NEW YORK OPERATIONAL AMRO DUBAI MOVES TO NEW QUARTERS •awnrnmtvn wrrirrwr» bbbbbbbb bbbbbbbb bbbbbbbb \nmmmnm amro scope •BBBBBBBB YfBBBBBBI* Bf-BBBtoB BBBBIr^te INTERNATIONAL i» v» »<BF*PPrpf BBBBBBBB BBBBBBBB BBBBBBBB BBBBBBBB BBBBBBBB 'BBBBBBBB BBBBBBBB 'BBBBBBBB 'BBBBBBBB 'WBBBBBBBj BBBBBBBB lSBBBBKBBj BBBBBBBB] BBBBBBBB BBBBBBBB BBBBBBBB liBBBBttJ» Wt™T T—r j P. van Baasbank INTERNATIONAL Amroscope International is produced specially for the personnel of Amro branches and offices abroad Published every two months Editorial a Bureau for Public Relations Herengracht 597 1017 CE Amsterdam-C. The Netherlands. Telephone: 283656 Telex: 11006 amro nl Editorial Staff: Johan B. de Lange, Maike Versteeg and Tonnie Marrée. Editor: Joop C. Twilt. Articles published in Amroscope International may be reprinted with permission SINGAPORE - Following the General Managers' Conference which was held in Amsterdam during the week of 19 November last, an Asian regional Amro conference will take place at our Singapore branch on 15 and 16 April 1980. The participants will be representing the management of our offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Djakarta and, of course, Singapore. Delegates from head office in Amsterdam will be: M. Drabbe, J. de Koning, A. Krudop, G. Loudon, P. Oosthuizen, H. Steketee, and R. de Vos van Steenwijk. amro B scope temporary quarters, but will move to permanent premises in the coming months. AMSTERDAM Although our branch in Dubai has only been operating for about a year and a half, it has already outgrown the office space in the Chamber of Commerce Building. At the end of March, Amro Dubai will move to larger quarters in the newest building in Dubai: The International Trade Centre. This new complex comprises a hotel, apartments, a parking area, and the impressive 39-storey Tower which dominates the Dubai skyline. Amro Dubai will occupy approximately 620 square metres on the 18th floor of Dubai's newest landmark. NEW YORK - Amro's representative office in New York began operations on 4 February last, with Mr J. Kuiper and Mr P. van Baasbank as Joint Representatives. Mr Kuiper was formerly employed in the New Issue and Syndicates Department, whilst Mr Van Baasbank used to be Area Manager for United States (West Coast) and Canada. Both have worked for a number of years in the United States. The New York representative office is currently located in J. Kuiper

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