AMRO CLEARING SEMINAR DUTCH MINISTER OPENS AMRO REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE MOSCOW amro^ scope INTERNATIONAL Amroscope International is produced specially for the personnel of Amro branches and offices abroad Published every two months. Editorial address: Bureau for Public Relations Herengracht 597 1017 CE Amsterdam-C. The Netherlands. Telephone: 283656 Telex: 11006 amro nl Editorial Staff: Johan B. de Lange, Maike Versteeg and Tonnie Marrée, Editor: Joop C. Twilt. Articles published in Amroscope International may be reprinted with permission reception in Moscow's National Hotel. Amongst the 400 guests of all nationalities, the Amrodelegation from Holland was led by Dr H. Advokaat, of the Board of Managing Directors, and Dr K. Reinink Ambassador for the Netherlands. Our representative in Moscow, Mr E. Heslenfeld, could not have wished for a better start. The fact that Mr Heslenfeld already possesses many years business experience in Moscow, and as a result knows many people there, was no small contribution to the success of this official opening reception. HEAVY PROGRAMME The opening was preceded by a press conference for Soviet journalists and foreign press correspondents at which Dr Advokaat and Mr Heslenfeld provided all the necessary information on the Amro Bank and its Moscow Representative Office. The Dutch delegation remained only two days in Moscow, during which a heavy programme of duties had to be attended to. Meetings took place with top officials of the four Soviet state banking institutions, including The State Bank of the USSR, which approved the establishment of the Amro representative office. A visit to a Dutch trade fair being held in Moscow at the time was also arranged. Our representative in Moscow, Mr E. Heslenfeld, in front of the Red Square. LONDON - On Friday, 30 November 1979, Amro Bank London branch organised a seminar at The Overseas Bankers Club in the City of London, which was attended by 19 company treasurers and financial managers representing 17 of the world's largest international trading companies. The proceedings commenced with a word of welcome from Mr M. Sinke. General Manager, who also gave a brief history of the Amro Bank. The presentation which followed was made jointly by Mr K! Browne, Manager Business Development of Amro London and his colleague Mr J. Stewart. Messis W. Romeijn and R. Kymmell of the International Banking Division, Amsterdam Head Office, were in attendance to answer technical questions. After the morning session, guests were provided with a typical City of London business luncheon which was preceded by cocktails. The afternoon session comprised a computer demonstration with the aid of a terminal by Messrs. A. Goudriaans and J. van den Berg of the Computer Centre, Amstelveen. (continued on page 2) From left to right: Mrs Heslenfeld, Mr Heslenfeld, Dr Advokaat, Mr Van der Stee, Mr V. Pekshev (Vice- chairman of the State Bank of the USSR), and Dr Reinink. MOSCOW - Amro recently opened its representative office in the Soviet Union, the first Dutch banking institution to do so. The premises are located in the Hotel Intourist in Moscow. Unlike London, for example, which is a full branch, the Moscow Representative Office will not be offering 'routine' banking services, but will be geared to providing assistance and advice to Dutch firms in their business dealings in the USSR. Other activities include maintaining contact with Soviet financial institutions, and examining possibilities for increased commercial and industrial cooperation between the Netherlands and the USSR. 400 GUESTS The representative office was officially opened by Mr A. van der Stee, the Dutch Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, at a heavily attended inaugural

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